Central Baldwin County

Baldwin County is the fastest growing county in Alabama. With both Orange Beach and Gulf Shores serving as immensely popular vacation destinations and the Eastern Shore area quickly becoming the ideal place to buy a home in Alabama, the smaller towns throughout Central Baldwin County are also gaining more attention from tourists and prospective home buyers.

Baldwin County is a very naturally beautiful area, and Central Baldwin County, especially, is full of scenic creeks, rivers, lakes, and bays that many homes sit on. Because the area is already naturally wooded and full of different bodies of water, it has become a popular location for golf courses all over the county. Aside from housing opportunities, recent growth and new developments (such as the Foley Sports Tourism Complex) have provided ample opportunities to start up a new business and commercial real estate lots and developments can be found throughout Central Baldwin County. Baldwin County is growing fast and this growth will continue into the future, and now is the perfect time for those who have thought of buying a house or starting a business in the area to make their move.