Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay stretches from Spanish Fort, Alabama at the bay-way connection at I-10.  From Spanish Fort, Daphne sits south and then Fairhope is the next city on Mobile Bay that comprises the Eastern Shore. These cities have some of the best schools in the state, several golf courses with gorgeous communities within them, and several historical areas with beautiful old houses and well-loved local restaurants. Residents of these cities enjoy numerous parks, fishing piers, national parks, and close proximity to the beaches in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, which can be reached from the Foley Beach Express.

This area of the Alabama coast is one of two areas in the entire world that experiences a naturally occurring jubilee. A jubilee is basically when the oxygen in Mobile Bay gets low enough to cause various types of fish, crabs, and shrimp to beach themselves.  Once this occurs, this seafood is just sitting there waiting to be harvested. For more info on this local phenomenon, check out our blog explaining Eastern Shore Jubilees.